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"We encourage our students to be creative, always open to new ideas..."
Arturo Alvarado Hierro
Dean of Mondragon Mexico University

The key elements for our success


Work & Study

Studying and working at the same time is key to obtain the necessary experience to be a better professional once you finish your degree.


Real projects

Working in real projects will test our students' knowledge and creativity to solve real problems and help a real company grow.


Visits to leading companies

Visiting leading companies is the perfect moment to talk about best practices with our students. What makes a company a leader? How did it happen?

Part of MONDRAGON Corporation

One of the 10 largest industrial groups in Spain.


International educational network

Universities in Mexico, Spain and Colombia and a vast educational partners list.

A global corporation

230 companies all around the world makes us a true global corporation.


A vision for a better education

  • 1st to 7th Semester
    Real Projects each semester
    Each semester our students provide real solutions to real problems detected in real companies. At the end of their degree, all of our students will have 7 completed real projects that will enrich their resume.
  • 1st to 4th Semester
    Life Project // Special Subject
    During the first 4 semesters, in addition to the subjects of the degree, our students take one special subject called "Life Project". The objective is for our students to become aware of those topics that will be key to live and develop their life. Our students will ask themselves questions like Who am I? What are my passions? What do I want to do with my life? How can I achieve it?
  • 4th semester
    Social Economy (Special subject)
    Thanks to our vast experience in the field of cooperativism and social economy, all of our students learn how to generate wealth in the community to which they belong in alternative ways.
  • 4th semester
    Social service
    The students of UMx learn how to solve problems with a courageous and transforming attitude, they think about the common good, they work with passion for a different world and operate with professionalism with a vision of a global world but with a local commitment. These values ​​are promoted through our social service.
  • 5th semester
    Traveling across America
    In 5th semester our students will travel to a country in Latin America where their degree (And the industrial sector it represents) has a weight in the economy. In addition, our students can always apply for an academic exchange to other countries thanks to our internationalization program.
  • 5th semester
    Choose: Create a company or work for one?
    In 5th semester, our students make one of the most important decisions in UMx: Entrepreneurship or Work&Study. If they decide to work&study, they will work while studying, gaining two years of experience within a company. If their choice is to create a company they will get two years of experience as entrepreneurs developing their own company.

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Campus Life

There is plenty to do in UMx when you are not studying: We host conferences, workshops and forums periodically. If your goal is to workout you can always visit the gym or the football or basket courts.


How can I study in UMx?

Call period
Spring: January - May /// Summer: May - August /// Winter: August - December

Learning Periods: Spring: January - May /// Summer: May - August /// Winter: August - December
Choosing your subjects:
Apart from your degree's subjects, you have to choose 5 subjects from the next list: